La Giocomotiva Accademia 03

Bilingual Nursery 4-36 months

Via Felice Bisleri 19, 20148 Milan - 02 89500893

Internal garden
Internal canteen

Opening hours

Opening time: 8.00
Closing time: 18.30

About us

We have been running for 20 years the “Multiple Intelligence Method”. We believe in the importance of stimulating and observing children through a linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic and existential intelligence.

In 2021 Accademia03 becomes part of the Giocomotiva family!
At the Accademia 03 nursery every moment experienced by the child is learning and great space is given to the role of emotion, as a real asset and important component in the development of the self and of multiple intelligences. The children have the opportunity to develop a love and interest in learning new things and discovering their abilities.
In 2020 we decided to join People&Baby.

The group offers a unique quality of welcome, thanks to which the right understanding was created right from the start with the values that have always distinguished us.

People & Baby, in fact, finds in “Giocomotiva” the model to follow and propose to all future entries of Italian schools in the group.

“Giocomotiva” currently has a total of 11 schools and continues its journey!


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