Our key strengths

The facilities at Giocomotiva are designed and structured especially for children. To promote their autonomy, and to live in a safe and stimulating environment. Because adequate spaces collaborate with the educational goal.
Malaguzzi has in fact defined space as the “third educator”, together with educators and parents (Loris Malaguzzi, 2010).

The interiors of La Giocomotiva are therefore also recognisable by the characteristic wooden furnishings, designed in collaboration with Merlino furniture.
A collaboration that has led to the finalisation of ad hoc made-to-measure furnishings, from the reception area to the workshop, tables, classrooms and symbolic play.


The Giocomotiva auxiliary staff supports the teachers during the day in order to guarantee tidy and clean facilities at all times.

The school has also played its part in the fight against Covid:
During this delicate pandemic period, all staff are required to wear a protective FFP2 mask, to disinfect toys and areas before tidying up, and to maintain a high level of attention.
We sanitise the washrooms after each use.
We measure the temperature and sanitise the hands of all users.
We keep a guest register, where we note any incoming suppliers or visitors.
Last but not least, the children are divided into classes/bubbles in order to ensure possible tracking in the event of a positive case.

To date, no outbreak has occurred among the classes in our schools.


The multiple intelligences within the Giocomotiva People&Baby group are not a methodological approach, but a framework within which to enhance each individual educational approach of the schools that are part of the group.
We have been successfully experimenting with this method since the end of the 1990s, under the supervision of Professor Paola Nicolini of the University of Macerata, a developmental and educational psychologist and the greatest expert in Italy on the theory of multiple intelligences. In 2015 Professor Gardner came to visit us and was greatly impressed by our work. This prompted us to present with immense pride, together with InfoAsilo, the Giocomotiva project to Harvard University.

The theory of multiple intelligences, theorized at the end of the 1980s by Howard Gardner in his book Frames of Mind, proposes overcoming the old concept of intelligence as a factor measurable by IQ (intelligence quotient). According to Gardner, children do not have one intelligence but several intelligences, i.e. numerous ways/opportunities to reach a goal. The intelligences must be nurtured and observed during play. All observations are recorded by our educators on digital media and three times a year they give the parents a report called a “portfolio”.

Originally, there were 7 intelligences formulated, but over the years Gardner has enriched them, hypothesising 9, as follows:

  1. Linguistic
  2. Musical
  3. Logical-mathematical
  4. Spatial
  5. Bodily-kinesthetic
  6. Intrapersonal
  7. Interpersonal
  8. Naturalistic
  9. Existential

All of the play activities that we offer at the Giocomotiva nurseries and preschools are inspired by one of the intelligences. To be precise, each month is dedicated to an intelligence and the value it teaches.

Interesting fact: the theory of multiple intelligences is the inspiration behind the toys of the Spanish company Imaginarium. Thanks to his specialisation in the subject, one of our founders, Giuseppe Bilancioni, was responsible for the presentation of the “i-wow” line, in which play meets technology.


The Giocomotiva menus, cooked by our own chefs or provided by specialist caterers, are structured to guarantee a wide variety of carbohydrates (first course), proteins (second course) and vitamins (side dish).
We offer families 4 rotating menus for the autumn and winter seasons and 4 rotating menus for the spring and summer seasons. and the seasonal vegetables only!
At mid-morning and mid-afternoon we also serve a fresh fruit snack.


La Giocomotiva works together with families! And parents!
We believe in the importance of networking, in getting to know each other, and in putting parents from the same class and school in contact with each other.
That is why during the year we organise meetings such as theme parties or information evenings on topics of interest.
For example? The collaboration with the Red Cross for the educational evenings on “airway obstruction”.

Every year we also organise the “Help desk” service: sessions where qualified professionals are at the disposal of families to give advice if necessary or just out of curiosity.
There you will have the opportunity to meet specialists such as a pedagogue, paediatrician, psychologist, speech therapist and counsellor.


La Giocomotiva is also open in July, in Summer Camp mode!
The Children will have the opportunity to continue to enjoy the school environment together with their classmates and the schools’s educators.
We offer water games, musical games, artistic games, spending a lot of time in the gardens or in the green spaces at our disposal!
The Summer Camps are also open, for children aged 3 and above, to external participants.


What to propose to children in the after school range? Workshops, art, sport?
In the Giocomotiva PLAY DIMENSION you will find all of this! And much more!
Specialists in English, martial arts, pastry, dance, circus, theater will have dedicated spaces within our schools, to keep them in place during after school hours.
Many proposals that every year we organize for girls and boys aged 3/6.
Contact us to ask for information about this school year!