Our 20 years of experience has enabled us to refine certain values that are fundamental to us. We have designed them with your child’s well-being and healthy psychophysical development in mind.

Multiple Intelligences

We believe in the child’s uniqueness, which is why we propose an educational approach based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Customised furniture

A space for intelligence! Our made-to-measure furniture is designed to give free rein to your child’s intelligence, allowing them to grow in an environment where they can develop their self-esteem and motivation to learn.

Motivational Play

We believe in play as a privileged MOTIVATION for learning in all age groups.

Tradition and Technology

We believe in the harmony between the past and the future, that is why at La Giocomotiva we propose some traditional games using modern technology.

English School​

The modern approach is to know English, a language with which children interact right from nursery school.

Outdoor School​

We place great importance on the relationship with nature, for this reason in our educational program we propose different naturalistic activities outside and inside the school (visiting farms and woods). La Giocomotiva is also an Outdoor School!


We take care of your child’s well-being also through healthy and balanced food, offering meals prepared in our in-house kitchens and made mainly with ingredients from organic farming.

Play dimension

Mens sana in corpore sano: Mens sana in corpore sano: in order to contribute to your child’s psychophysical well-being, we offer various afternoon courses (judo, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics).

Parent events

The nursery and the preschool somehow become your child’s second home, which is why we organise various events throughout the year with the aim of involving parents.

The Routine

The importance of the routine. The days at Giocomotiva are always well structured and organised.