La Giocomotiva Zocchi

Preschool 3-6 years, micro nursery 1-3 years

Via Cesare Zocchi 1, Milano (North Area) - 02 89500893

Internal Garden
Internal canteen

Opening hours

Opening time: 7.30
Closing time: 18.30

About us

For 20 years we have been “those who do Multiple Intelligences”. We believe in the importance of stimulating and observing children through linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic and existential intelligence.

In 2020 we decided to join People&Baby.
The group offers a unique quality of service, thanks to which we have immediately established the right understanding with the values that have always distinguished us.

People&Baby, has found in Giocomotiva the model to follow and to propose to all future new entrants of Italian schools in the group.

As of today, La Giocomotiva boasts a total of 9 schools! And the journey continues!

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